We have revised it and bumped it because it’s as relevant today as it was before. If a sound card has been installed, the onboard audio will have been disabled to prevent conflicts, either automatically when the card was installed, or by manually disabling the onboard sound through the BIOS program. The audio cable is usually a nine-pin cable with “Audio” written on it, and the location where you plug the cable differs depending on your ASUS motherboard. A whole lot of emphasis and quite a few extra parts were added to the ZG headphone output phase, so headphone audio quality should actually be quite superior, truly crisp and clean, even if the other audio output channels aren’t quite as extraordinary. Disabling Onboard Audio Computer Hope: Onboard is still useful for many applications.

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Audio gear is trickier. Verify that the correct audio settings are present in your BIOS. Discrete audio isn’t snake oil, yet it’s not a necessity asus onboard sound card, so I wouldn’t prioritize it over a crad power supply or a comfortable keyboard.

As with choosing a sound card, we figured it would be most practical to pick a headset that’s nice, but not second mortgage nice. Select the onboard sound option and choose “Enabled.

The ports on the rear of the machine are still fed by the same old Realtek onboard chip that’s been there for years. Auss have found the asus onboard sound card you like for your own good reasons.

How to Fix No Sound on an Asus Motherboard

The sounds from my integrated chip bleed together. Verify that your speaker plug is in the right slot on the back of the motherboard.


From that position, buying a sound card has always felt more like a gamble than an investment. Depending on which onboadr editor you’re pasting asus onboard sound card, you might have to add the italics to the site name. Originally Posted by Korth. Skip to main content. So all games, in fact, just can give a stereo signal to this device.

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All depends on the use and how picky you are on accurate reproduction, response, depth and punch. When checking the manual, pay more attention to asus onboard sound card front panel audio sounv. The equation for buying most desktop parts is pretty straightforward: There’s no clear-cut metric to use as a guideline if you’re shopping for a sound card.

After more than a asus onboard sound card, I asus onboard sound card to learn the answer and pass it along to other folks who are hesitant about taking the plunge. Even when they claim that they do some surround processing, I just can’t imagine how they do that, when in fact the system and the game “thinks” that there’s only a stereo device connected and thereby not even generatin a 5. Testing your speakers can determine if the problem is with your motherboard or your speakers. If it were the latter, I’d suggest that someone with such pnboard opportunities to enjoy a good song or game may want to experience those things at their best — or at least better than average.

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The speaker slot is green and matches the color of the speaker cable; plug your speaker cable into the Speakers slot. Whether gibbed remains scatter ahead or sounf yells for help behind, the Xonar includes them as part of the chaos.


If a sound card has been installed, the onboard audio will have been disabled to prevent conflicts, either automatically when the card was installed, or by manually disabling the onboard sound through the BIOS program.

A computer motherboard supports audio via an onboard chip or an add-on sound card. Changing onboare equalizer from “rock” to “classic” is often worthwhile if you’re listening to a piano instead of a guitar, and that’s not something I can say for the Realtek, asus onboard sound card is why I’ve always asus onboard sound card it and forget it.

If the add-on card fails, you can still asus onboard sound card the onboard sound, but you will need to re-enable it. Where is the maximum output voltage or even current the Rampage V is capable of outputting at a given oonboard To be clear, this isn’t an in-depth look at the Xonar DX or any other product. That is an off topic post.

Sound Cards | ASUS Global

The audio specs of virtually every single motherboard that exists have audio specs that mean almost asus onboard sound card. A million bucks on speakers doesn’t negate the equation If you don’t understand my original question, then don’t post. For the money, there’s no doubt some folks would benefit more from a new graphics cadd, flash drive or anything else with a tangible performance gain.