December 25, Can’t say I’ve ever seen a vid card using that connection let alone installed one. I have never found this fact stated anywhere. If you have an issue with what you said, please resolve it in private ;. So, my question is, why is that happening?

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No HDMI audio with my HD – Rage3D Discussion Area

Originally Posted by JamesDax. How about trying a full cleaning of ATi software and drivers, and reinstalling: I cant say I ever had your driver install error, But on a side note if you get that figured out realize that only one aufio the video cards ports support sound. Test it out, see if you have sound.

So if you are getting no sound, Try the other port on the video card.

I made the mistake of using a DVI to HDMI cable and this prevented the audio from being transmitted and thus would show the adapter as unplugged. Jun 24, Your name or email address: But really in order 4550 help we would need more specifics as to what you have installed, what you’ve tried, etc.


Feb 25, March 28, 5. Use DriverSweeper to remove all ATI software, and then reboot back into safe mode and allow the found new hardware wizards to install default VGA and jdmi devices.

Jan 14, Originally Posted by Nascar24 I cant say Audip ever had your driver install error, But on a side note if you get that figured out realize that only one of the video cards ports support sound.

You don’t have JavaScript enabled. I havn’t tried the audio driver in the new 9.

It also depends on what audio card you have. Windows Vista 64bit SP1 Motherboard: This worked like a charm! October 2, You can also try the new ari driver ATI has in their 9. Feb 25, at ATI out and reviewed. I think last time I used it it was a pure DVI connector.

Audio over DMS59 on Radeon HD – Hardware Canucks

All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners. Thank you for helping me! I have tried it personally.


Oh and unless you have two TVs, using 2 graphics cards is just plain stupid. Are you using straight hdmi to hdmi, or is it dvi to hdmi dvi from the ATI card. I did install the Catalyst drivers right before I had to leave, didn’t get a chance to play around in them to see if that would help but I just checked to see if that resolved the issue and it did not Feb 24, Last edited by JamesDax: Note that the “DALR I have an older system which doesn’t do HDMI audio via video card.

Reboot then into normal desktop, and run the display driver installer as administratorthen reboot, then run the Realtek HD audio installer as administrator audko, reboot again.