With the following IDs: The problem seems to be linked to the controller itself. If the command lspci -v grep “Class ” -B 1 lists your controller with a name like vmhba0 or vmhba1 etc. Hi Dmitry, yes, see my post here: Anonymous January 23, at 5: Are you still accepting outputs? Andreas Peetz January 6, at

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Not yet tried with ESXi 5.

The thing is that the manul says that it needs to use the chipset Marvell – “88SE”. Shawn February 19, at 8: Anonymous November 5, at 2: If the command lspci -v grep “Class ” -B 1 lists your controller with a name like vmhba0 or vmhba1 etc.

Great article, information and drivers!!! In the vsphere client the storage adapter is showing the controller as atii should be: Hi Jorge, No, I don’t. Todd November 9, at 2: Real benefit to all of us.

add the ATI SB SATA controller device id to AHCI pci table [Linux ] – Linux Kernels

So if I were to buy a PCIe card with one of the chipsets listed in your posting, I should theoretically be able to get it working with the info you have provided? Mladen Komac December 21, at Hi people, I contacted Asrock and explained the issue to them. Anonymous December 27, at Still no luck on getting the disks detected.


Anonymous November 21, at Andreas Peetz February 5, at 1: Hi Szabocls, you can install my sata-xahci package to make the controller visible to ESXi, but a bug in the Marvell controller’s firmware will lead to the attached disks not being accessible unless you disable VT-d in the server’s BIOS see issue no.

Hi Andreas, Could you add support for I have a question. It should enable support for this adapter.

If this bug is fixed in the mainline kernel, please add the following tag ‘kernel- fixed-upstream’. Thank you for a such a great job!

For all the listed controllers the ahci driver was loaded and they were made available as vmhba0, 32, 34 and I did a fresh install of Windows 10 and still had the same problem. Jakub November 12, at I wonder if you can help out?

add the ATI SB700 SATA controller device id to AHCI pci table [Linux 2.6.22]

Thanks in advance –Robert. Anonymous January 9, at 4: Wonder what else is missing from the AsMedia products when upgrading from 5. Staa was found within the etc map somewhere. This can be done by clicking on the yellow pencil icon next to the tag located at the bottom of the bug description and deleting the ‘needs- upstream- testing’ text.


Szabocls Illes March 12, at Anonymous January 23, at 5: Dmitry Ssta 18, at 7: Andreas Peetz November 13, at 9: