The names of the icons created by BASP therefore are not recommended to be changed. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. If a team member does not detect a response within a specified amount of time after a specified number of retries, the teaming software discontinues passing traffic through that team member. If the connection is successful, a dialog box is displayed. NS Offload – Enable or Disable? See the release notes for installation instructions, supported hardware, what is new, bug fixes, and known issues. Windows networking is shipped with the Internet Connection Sharing ICS , which is designed to allow multiple computers accessing the Internet via a Windows system.

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Contents 13 Port Trunking Contents Overview You may not copy, modify, rent, sell, distribute or transfer any part of the Software except as blan in this Agreement, and you agree to prevent unauthorized copying of the Software. Each defined VLAN behaves as its own separate network with its traffic and broadcasts isolated from the others, increasing bandwidth efficiency within each logical group.

Broadcom NetLink Gigabit Ethernet* LAN Driver

Cannot enable VLAN after it is disabled. Users can choose not to reboot and continue configuring intermediate driver without having any side effect. This section provides a list of known software problems and solutions for the operating systems below.


All commands are case sensitive.


In ethermet case of a remote boot, the Linux universal driver binds seamlessly with the Broadcom Universal Network Driver Interface UNDI and provides a network interface in the Linux remotelybooted client environment. If any primary adapter assigned to a team is disabled, the team functions as a Smart Load Balancing and Failover type of team in which auto-fallback occurs.

Quick Start for Windows. Insert the floppy disk containing the Broadcom bit LAN driver files into the floppy disk drive.

Click Include this location in the search, browse to the folder on the installation CD where the drivers for Windows XP are located, and then click Next. This function is accomplished though the teaming software.

A virtual adapter is created for each VLAN added. After installing the Broadcom Advanced control suite 3 I be able to set up vlan tags in my network card. Next make sure u are connecting via lan.


Introduction To use the. This problem can be overcome by rebooting the system. Do not change the default settings for any of the other items in the Installation Configuration Summary. Create the appropriate Autoexec. Moving Forward Faster More information.

Broadclm a command prompt window and change the directory to C: When the Duplex keyword is used, the LineSpeed keyword must also be used. Click the Advanced tab. In Windowseach network adapter installed properly will have an icon in Network Properties window. Restart the system to complete the install.


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Because of the tagging VLAN capabilities of both devices, the system is able to communicate on all three IP subnets in this network, but continues to maintain broadcast separation between all of them.

Windows and Windows Server The following table lists know problems and solutions using Windows The AT-S60 More information. Check out the FAQ!

Alacritech reserves the right to change ym portion of these products for reasons. The switch port connected to this segment has tagging turned off.

The names of the icons created by BASP therefore are not recommended to be changed. Smart Load Balancing Link Aggregation Verify that the cable connections at the Gigabit Ethernet Adapter and the switch are attached properly.