Thanks for the prompt reply. I am not able to open the setup page of this modem. It would be much appriciated if u could post the solution once u have it. Select the connection type as PPPoE and click on the next button. I mean nothing gets saved on my modem… the problem emerged recently without any misconfiguration… I think the memory needs to be flashed or something like that..

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It has a wireless and a wired port.

BSNL ADSL Modem Configuration: ITI DNA-ABEI (Type-1) | BSNL Broadband

UP Internet IP address: The problem is I am not able to use both the Modem at the same time. When I try broadvand install detecting and verify modem,it shows not verified.

To find out if the power supply is really the culprit just disconnect the power supply from the router and turn the power supply on if after minutes the power supply gets really hot then u are dna-aa201bei a bsnl broadband dna-a201bei free supply problem. If you could direct me to appropriate link it would be very much helpful. My problem is that I cannot access internet from dnw-a201bei Apple iphone.


Sir, I have H P laptop!

BSNL ADSL Modem Configuration: ITI DNA-A201BEI (Type-1)

How can I check whether my Broadband connection always on or not?? My problem is that I cannot access internet from my laptop where as I can connect from my desktop computer easily. I bsnl broadband dna-a201bei free BSNL about this and the reply was that the 1yr has expired and they are not responsible now.

I already got the same problem and reported it with BSNL.

I am in a LAN network. Yes you can but you will have to configure your modem to bsnl settings…in your modem page that you can access by typing Connected the ethernet cable to the LAN port of dna-a021bei but unfortunately no green light could be seen on the bsnl broadband dna-a201bei free port which Bsnl broadband dna-a201bei free can see when I connect the ethernet cable to my CPUs ethernet port.

Kindly direct me the settings insted of directing me to any weblinks. None can help without proper feed back. Thanks sir for replying. So I think it is not in warranty now. This comment has been removed by the author. But the sad news is I am not able to connect to internet at all neither thru wireless not with a LAN cable. Select your modem from link given below.


Recently I shifted my PC and got a new broadband connection. Here is dna-201bei small tutorial on getting started installing this modem. Thanks for the prompt reply. When i am not connected it does not ping. The network I think the problem is with the IP address that bsnl broadband dna-a201bei free PC connection is acquiring when connected. I have a problem. I am provided with a broadband modem ARV v3.

Configure & Install PPPoE Bsnl Broadband Adsl Modem Router

Thanks for the cooperation. I bsnl broadband dna-a201bei free very thankful to share this post. Your TCP Window limits you to: Why am I facing this problem.? Does any one face a such problem? The latest post should appear first and option to reply at the top.