Next, microfluidic channels are designed on the driven element and directors for injecting liquid metal to reconfigure the operating frequency and to maintain a high gain for each band. Please enter the title of search terms. We will notify you whenever a new paper by the selected author is updated. Biasing networks that can interfere with radio-frequency RF are not required for frequency tuning by this strategy. Select authored articles Please uncheck the documents not authored by this author.

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If you do not have an affiliate, check out which public libraries are subscribing to DBpia. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. For a wider channel width, the liquid metal can assumes a shape which cannot cover the entire width of the microfluidic braodband.

sesign In addition, a feed and matching configuration is proposed to enable coupling a microbolometer element to the proposed Quasi-Yagi antenna designs for performing radiation pattern measurements.

In [ 19 ], a reconfigurable Yagi-Uda monopole antenna was presented. Please review our privacy policy. Profile name Please wait. In this paper, a frequency reconfigurable quasi-Yagi dipole antenna is proposed by leveraging the properties of microfluidic technology.

The operational frequency of the antenna was foldd between 2. Novel feed and matching configuration to allow coupling a microbolometer element is proposed to enable a simple method for radiation pattern measurement.


The measured gain of the presented antenna is 8. The antenna gain with one and two directors are 7. Various tuning technologies can be used to realize frequency-reconfigurable antennas using PIN diodes [ 7 ], varactor diodes [ 89 ], ferroelectric varactors [ 10 ], broacband microelectromechanical systems MEMS switches [ 1112 ].

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Microfluidically Frequency-Reconfigurable Quasi-Yagi Dipole Antenna

Showing of 3 extracted citations. The proposed antenna is capable of tuning the frequency through varying length of the metal-filled channels, while maintaining the high gain for all the frequencies by controlling the length of directors.

The Si substrate is coated on both sides with a 1. The programmable pneumatic micropumps are used for injecting controlled amount of liquid metal in the microfluidic channels.

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A Novel Design of Folded Dipole for Broadband Printed Yagi-Uda Antenna

In the first state, with the unfilled microfluidic channels, the antenna is resonating at 2. DBpia Recommended Articles More recommended articles! Showing of 14 references.

The proposed antenna-coupled microbolometer design will permit carrying out radiation pattern measurements for the proposed Quasi-Yagi antennas. Click the keyword and check a related articles! In the presented design, the CPW feedline, feeding the antenna signal to the microbolometer, is modified to include a square pad to permit biasing the microbolometer.

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Crawl the metadata of articles do not allowed without agreement. Please enter the title of search terms. Abstract In this paper, a frequency reconfigurable quasi-Yagi dipole antenna is proposed by leveraging the properties of microfluidic technology.

A Novel Design of Folded Dipole for Broadband Printed Yagi-Uda Antenna – Semantic Scholar

A truncated ground plane is designed on the bottom side of the antenna. In Figure 2 a, the reflection coefficients are shown by changing L from 58 mm to 61 mm. This joule heating will cause a resistance change aa the microbolometer. Bond wires will be connecting the groadband pad and the ground reflector to an external chip carrier. Performance comparison with other related work in the literature. Zheng, Simplified feed for modified printed Yagi antennaElectron.

The copyright of all work are belongs to the original author. The structure has been fabricated, where liquid metal inside brosdband microchannels is injected by pneumatic micropumps.

With the optimized parameters, an operating band of 1.