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Project management.
Marine and freshwater biology.
Pollutant input flux assessments incorporating flow and sample
monitoring programmes.
Environmental impact assessments.
Co-ordination and management of riverine and bathing water
sample monitoring programmes.
Water quality monitoring.
Water quality depth profiling.
Environmental risk assessment studies.
Environmental assessments in support of consent applications.
Site specific tracer studies.
Benthic monitoring of sewage sludge disposal grounds.

Aquatic Water Services undertake specialist projects associated with potable water, wastewater, freshwater and marine water environments and have recently delivered a project which could revolutionise the working practices of the fish processing industry, minimising the waste streams, expanding on fish/shellfish products and new markets and providing job creation in rural fishing communities.

Aquatic Water Services were commissioned by the Newlyn Fish Industry Forum and the South West Regional Development Agency to explore options for the utilisation, treatment and disposal of fish/shellfish waste (fish waste products).
All the work conducted focused on product development to utilise within a new Seafood Park facility at Stable Hobba, Newlyn.

The study was divided into three main components:

The development of “added value” products within the Cornwall Fish Processing Industry.

Solid fish/shellfish waste profiles and trade effluent charges for each specific fish processing operation.

To gather engineering data on the consumption of various fish related waste streams by
“Gammarus” shrimps.

The success of product development in Newlyn could be regionally adapted to a number of sites up and down the UK coastline.

Ultimately, the Newlyn template may be one regional solution to help a world wide problem with sustainable development and the elimination of waste within the fish processing sector.

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