He wasn’t there again today. The drivers are still in beta and will be posted on www. Are there any Linmodem drivers for kernel 2. Am I always safe getting an external modem? The most common reasons are:

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However, Winmodems are only appropriate for use with Microsoft Windows on a fast Pentium.

Are p any Linmodem drivers for kernel 2. If there is a chain store in your town, I encourage submissions for posting: Which modem is best?

Franz KorntnerWell Communications. Test your modem with minicom instead. Am I always safe getting an external modem? If you get one of these to work for you, please send me a note with your modem information so that others won’t have struggle as much as you did: My modem is not mmodem winmodem but I’m still having problems getting Linux to “see” it or the modem is always “busy.

Apparently, it’s buggy but it works. The developers at linmodems. An official release is in the works. Robotics and, subsequent to their merger, 3Com.


Archtek 5634PEW V.90 Data/Fax/Voice/TAM PCI

Thanks to Denis Havlik for the link. The drivers are still in beta and will be posted on www. Thanks to Andrew Wettstein for finding this driver!

Are all PCI modems winmodems? However, some older modems are based on RPI chipsets see below. Standard serial port speeds make a Winmodem impractical. I’m thinking about including Industry Canada certification numbers, too. It has been pointed out to me that the name “Winmodem” is a registered trademark of U.

Rough Guide These are handy tip sheets for shopping at chain stores that will fit on one piece of letter-sized paper when printed. Alright, then, if you plan to use one of these drivers, you definitely should read the draft version of the Linmodem-HOWTO. This section used to say: If you are curious, these modems are: If you’re looking for a particular modem, be sure to use your browser’s “Find in Page” command.

Modem Driver Ws psl – app-football87’s diary

Most people don’t know the difference; and floppy disks are cheaper than hardware chips. See the Linmodem driver po below. He wasn’t there again today.


Various FCC updates and newly approved modems as of 28 December See the “Linmodem driver” table below for details. It explains the quirks of the closed-source drivers and how to overcome them. By popular request, they will continue to issue modem registration notices in plain text instead of MS Word. Let’s see if we can make this work This number is usually silk-screened or on a label on the modem board.

The most current English language version is always found at http: Thanks to CdStrife aol.