The white wire should be for an additional MIMO antenna. February 17, at 9: I looked online for what could be causing the heat, and there was the wifi card. September 30, at Alternatively, while radio power levels involved in typical wireless cards are quite low even compared to mobile phones, if you feel that you may be sensitive to radio frequencies, you can choose a lower setting here.

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If there are 3 cables, you can get by just using 2 without suffering inte much — you might just miss out on intel 4965 agn top connection speeds at short distances. I think it should work. February 17, at 9: Key features in Version 4 include: I guess this will apply to other cards, other Acer models and models from other manufacturers!

June 24, at 1: The laptop should be fully powered off and unplugged. Il pc funziona bene per il resto e vorrei evitare di cambiarlo. April 18, at 6: I recently bought a used intel 4965 agn, and immediately noticed that it got terribly hot underneath the trackpad.

Additionally, if your laptop is running too hot, replacing this card could help lower the temperature a bit intel 4965 agn to find where the card is located and see if it gets very warm during file downloads, streaming video from YouTube etc. Currently on intel AGN.


Upgrade your Intel AGN, WiFi Link or wireless card

intel 4965 agn The whole whitelisting thing seems crazy. What about the different number of pins. Well known, feature-rich application provides continued support for legacy and The Intel WiFi Link and are era cards that 4695 now two-generations behind, so worth considering replacement too.

Good thing I stumbled upon this page. Check that your seller has a good no-quibbles return policy, since there is a chance you might find that your new card is incompatible with intel 4965 agn system for some reason. Leave a Reply Cancel Your email address will not be published.

Intel has certified Access Points from leading vendors through extensive compatibility testing intel 4965 agn users to connect with confidence. Chromecast video quality 5. Hello, Thanks for this information.

September 19, at 2: They minimally snap into place when correctly connected. June 24, at 3: Follow Zipso posts on. Similarly, some wireless cards will have intel 4965 agn antenna connectors, and some have three. April 2, at 3: A couple intel 4965 agn important points: Resulting improvements include, helping to prevent noticeable delays in VoIP calls when roaming between Access Points, and improved network diagnostics.


Downloads for Intel® Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN

Experience Wireless-N in your intel 4965 agn. September 20, at 2: It has taken m over a day to figure this out.

Only downside is that I have to use only ONE antenna wire instead of two only the black antenna wire can reach the actual antenna connector on the half-mini card; the white antenna wire was just about 1cm short of inte any connectors on the wifi card. Deploying WLAN technology in your home and business increases productivity, efficiency xgn intel 4965 agn by enabling faster decision making, reducing down-time, and enhancing employee satisfaction.

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