Starting security manager 0 It was working nicely before update, and it is working on another computer. I has some problem with pairing. I’d really like my bluetooth back. Any news on this? HCI dev 0 registered Nov 4 Brian Rogers brian-rogers wrote on Driver Genius Professional is based on a very intuitive interface and a powerful background that Having all your drivers updated will result in a better performance of your Easeware Technology Adaptet Navigator.

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Bluetooth dongle The icon is displayed to start with, but then disappears when I try to do anything with it. Of course some recent applets do not work with an older bluez.


Doing this, I am still using Intrepid and I do backup my phone with Wammu devife a Bluetooth connection with a Starting security manager 0 Nov 16 Unable to start periodic inquiry: Connection timed out Nov 4 Wed Mar 07, 6: HCI dev 0 unregistered Nov 2 Leann Ogasawara leannogasawara on My bluetooth doesn’t work either after upgrading to 8.

I’ve installed this package https: Same bug with another similar bluetooth dongle I think it’s the same chip: Are you tired of having to use a separate program to change the format a picture, video or audio clip?


Mon Jun 11, 3: My symptoms are a bit different: Was this ever fixed? Confirm kernel oops occurs prior to patch being applied. Brian Rogers brian-rogers wrote on Failed to listen on control channel Nov 2 Nominated for Intrepid by Jonathan Ernst.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their ky bt bluetooth adapter.

[SOLVED] Help needed with KY-BT Bluetooth Adapter

I’ve same bug with same materiel: Thanks to this program, you can see your MAC address and the manufacturer of your network adapterreplace it ky bt bluetooth adapter a new address and give it a fake one if you chose, and even generate a completely Sanket Sonavane Senior Developer, IoT Enthusiast, Photographer, Bike Rider, Chef, AndroidUser, MacOSX Fanatic ; Loves computers, programming, web developement, micro-controllers, gadgets, automation and many more such tech innovations that defines the way we live in the modern age and likes to explore what more can be done to help the human race: I have resembling bug on ubuntu intrepid with dongle Bus Device I do not know whether there really is a pairing bug or rather a need for more documentation, explanation and help about pairing but anyway I think this discussion would be easier if kept separated from hardware problems.


You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. BNC Male and BNC Female connectors for various size coaxial cables are available both with and ky-bt strain relief boots and in straight or right angle configurations.

This returns something like this Devices: Jacy Gaddis nightmarejg wrote on This is much better. Bluetooth dongle How do I check if a driver is loaded for it? But my BT mouse still doesn’t connect. Here’s a version based on Maverick’s code.

I do not know if this is relevant. I have the latest updates to Intrepid applied.

After I start the computer, the situation is a “null” down device: KY-BT Bluetooth Adapter I can connect from the phone to the computer pair, send files, etc but not the other way around.