Everyones experience is important. P one question tho Does the drive power up at all? All times are GMT I also have a pack of Ricohs sold under the Fuji brand that burn even better and can also be burned at 8x.

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If it can be fixed, can someone tell me the steps i need to take in order to fix it. Maybe the thing to do would be to pressure the vendors to post the specs as read by DVDInfoPro or something in their ad, “This is the data read from this media”. Personally, I never use cheap media anyway, because I’m worried about the questionable longevity of cheap media who cares if it burns cheap media without coastering if the cheap media is such that ldw-851x will degrade in just a year?

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First, try reflashing from DOS with Mtkflash. Dell Dimension P4 processor 2. Odw-851s did you kill it exactly? Try using a different power plug. After like 1 to 2 weeks of burning any DVD after that burned on it froze up when played.

Back at you, Code, For some reason, I ldw8-51s bring myself to buy those things you mention. They are there, but you might have to wait to get your money back in 2 months or so to call it a bargain. But Princos come in good and bad batches.

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I have not had a failed burn. I also have a pack of Ricohs sold under the Fuji brand that burn even better and can also be burned at 8x. You need to use mktflash and reflash the drive from dos.

I HAVE had burns that were bad rips, or something, tried to play, got only director’s comments, etc. For some reason, ldw-51s lot of people like to buy that kind of junk.

You might have gotten lucky and got good Princos. But if you feed it decent media, it burns them brilliantly. How to record anything on your screen using th But even those were good burns, just not what I thought I was burning.

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On that note, I have used a pack of G04 discs, and they’ve burned just fine it was with later Ritek batches that I’ve developed a bad taste for their poor quality control. Ritek cd’s work well with the lite on?

RiData is Ricoh or Ritek, which is also decent media. Also think it may be the problem a lot of people here are basing their brickbats on for some media brands. None of them were either Master or slave, and since i didnt knew what the firmware was for i just felt like installing it. Didn’t help to use different media lrw-851s burn at 2x rather than 4x.


I am personally biased against Ritek because Ritek is very bad when it comes to maintaining good quality control. How to apply color correction using the Gradie OKā€¦thats the least i can do. All times are GMT P one question tho Unplugging the cables and plugging them back in is another item to try. Maybe I’m old fashioned, burnt too many times as a kid with the Captain Video Secret Decoder Ring and the like, most anything you buy online, to me, is to be regarded with some suspicion.

Just don’t think ANY disk is worth a buck 50 or more. RMA is a messy process. Lose too many sales, and the few who bitch, mostly members of sites such as this, would be just a hiccup to them. You have had it less than 1 year right?