With rack ears attached, fits standard 19 inch Front-panel control — access any setting in your entire mk3 mix directly from the front panel. Talkback allows an engineer in the control room to temporarily dim all audio and talk to musicians in the live room. In turn, these can all be recorded, monitored, routed and processed using the professional on-board CueMix FX digital mixer, with no latency and no processor strain on the computer. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Like all MOTU interfaces, the x’s aluminum alloy chassis is lightweight, yet incredibly sturdy and durable, and designed to withstand the rigors of the studio, stage, and road.

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In addition with Audio Desk software,it provides sound analysis tools such as a spectrum analyzer and pro sequencer.

For its price its quite awesome compared to its higher competitors who boast the same features. CueMix FX provides complete on-screen access to the mk3’s on-board, hardware-based mixing environment. The other phone jack operates as an independent stereo pair. Watch a movie about the mk3’s on-board mixing and FX processing The mk3 is really two devices in one: We still get calls and Facebook posts from happy users of the originalintroduced more than 10 years ago!

Apply Hyybrid compression, EQ and reverb to every input and output, independent of your host computer. Now in its fifth generation, the has become a benchmark for the industry, setting the bar by which others are judged.

We use equipment in all kinds of ways. But sometimes we do crazy things for projects and installations, like embed speakers into objects, behind walls, etc.


Knobs and connectors extend up to 0. I wouldn’t buy this to use as a standalone mixer though, even though the brochure claims you can.

Motu 828MK3 Hybrid Soundcard

Recording with multiple mics — the Phase Analysis window lets you compare multiple mic sources with each other to check for potential phase cancellation caused by varying distances in mic placement from the recorded source.

Stand-alone operation — program your mixes at the studio and then bring the mk3 to your gig – no computer needed. The mk3 Hybrid provides virtually identical features to the x including USB 2. Like CueMix FX, the synchronization features are cross-platform and compatible with all audio sequencer software that supports the ASIO2 sample-accurate sync protocol.

Studio-grade mic channels Enjoy extras moru sends and optional hardware limiting Do you work with outboard EQs and compressors? Each x mic input offers a pre-converter send for mono or stereo mic channel outboard processing.

– Features

The large meter gives you a clear indication of how high or low you are from the detected pitch. In fact, you could even think of the mk3 as a digital mixer in a single rack-space form factor. Apply smooth, detailed reverb with several room models, three independent frequency bands and length up to 60 seconds. The tabs shown above let you focus on one channel at a time and edit its settings using the high-resolution graphic display. The more the audio signal “tips” to the left or right, the more out of polarity it is.

The opinions of our reviewers, reader comments, and forum buzz were also factored in, not just in choosing products, but in helping decide which ones deserved to be finalists.


I can’t believe how helpful they have been.

The mk3 can resolve directly to time code, with no additional sychronizer required. SMPTE time code sync Resolve your workstation software to time code, without the need for a dedicated synchronizer. Thunderbolt combines plug-and-play convenience with massive bandwidth and low latency for truly professional audio interface performance.

MOTU mk3 Hybrid – FireWire/USB2 Audio Interface B&H

The mk3 includes a channel MIDI interface that provides sample-accurate timing with supporting software. Different trim configurations can then be saved as files on disk for instant recall. Just open the Tuner window, play a note, and use the large graphic display to get in tune with an accuracy of one 10th of a cent one 1,th of a semi-tone.

Stereo operation Two channels can be grouped to a single fader for stereo operation. Each microphone input has a rear panel send that allows for inserting outboard hybrir before the hybris to digital conversion. Talkback allows an engineer in the control room to temporarily dim all audio and talk to musicians in the live room.

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For our purposes, MOTU is the only way to go. Software metering Signal activity of all inputs, busses and outputs can be monitored via the meters pane.

Three separate tabs show inputs, mix busses and outputs.