On this page I have an “unpacked” Windows 3. It also gives you those funny errors like this:. Robert posted on April 17, Thanks for downloading, Kirsle. I have my old floppies in a frame on the wall no way to install them.

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Really could use your thoughts on this. Noah kirsle muse on May 24, Ed posted on June 7, Another question I have is this.

During the ‘s I wrote a complete nouse of accounting programs while being an Accounting Manager. I recently fired up an old Windows 98 computer and my TRS portable and both work very well. Coltan posted on April 24, Robert posted on April 17, Tom posted on December 5, Jared Bates posted on October 2, ZIP Mouse Reset; can help when the mousepointer hangs.

USB Mouse on MS-DOS 6.22 Virtual Machine

OK, so I fixed both the display driver issue and the CD driver issue, but now, when I have finally installed the game I’m doing all this for, I get a prompt that says “System Error Cannot read from drive D. Steve posted on October msdis, How do I get colors?


It was a mess. No matter the good old days were the best!

MS-DOS & Software

Noah kirsle posted on June 26, I have managed to get dos. Vista, hands down, but this old stuff is a kick to fool with. That’s like asking why anyone would ever want to own a NES anymore mpuse the newer systems are so much ‘better’ D But so far I have no luck. Dos to me that does not fit on a floppy disk.

Please could someone be kind enough to explain to me how I could install this version of Windows on my PC, or maybe I could install it on another old PC I could get my hands to avoid losing data on my lovely new PC.

Dennis posted on February 14, The comments on that blog post are shared to this page as well so comments on either page show up in both places. I think it’s really cool to get some the old 90’s stuff running again on modern hardware. I used a command similar to this to automagically mount and copy all files from the Win3.


How to get the mouse to work in MS-DOS

Anonymous posted on August 5, ZIP Creates a large file with desired size; useful to force other files to the end of the disk, nsdos. The fun part of 6.

I can read the CD just fine in the Mousee file manager, as I managed to successfully install the game. Michael Rowe posted on July 15, Kro posted on June 26, I installed it on a 32bit netbook just for kicks. You need Win 3. The extract gives me 3. Dale posted on October 13,