Even so, parallel ports were really not designed for sharing in this way, so your system needs to be configured properly, and still can get confused if you try to do more than one thing at a time with it. Posting Guidelines Contact Moderators. USB is fast enough to support interesting PC-resolution video. Are you running anything in the background find fast, virus scanner, etc? Finally, the Studio products are bundled with a good collection of application software, including Pinnacle’s own Studio consumer video editor, TitleDeko titling software, and Sonic Desktop SmartSound music generator.

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My system is an Athlon 1.

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Edit 4K video with precision on unlimited tracks with pro-caliber tools like multi-camera editing, screen recording, video editing and sophisticated audio tools. OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid The input video is captured at x resolution at 15 frames per second, and compressed in the Intel Indeo format.


It provides both storyboard and timeline views for stepping through the video editing process: How to apply color correction using the Gradie Even so, parallel ports were really not designed for sharing in this way, so your system needs to be configured properly, and still can get confused if you try to do more than one thing at a time with it.

The DC10 plus does this through hardware in real time when the video is captured. The only minus is that I pinnacle studio dc10 plus can capture for max. I cant wait to figure all the pinnacle studio dc10 plus out so I can starting encoding my VHS tapes.


Pinnacle Systems Studio DC10 Plus – VideoHelp Forum

Pinnacle estimates that a half hour of captured video requires oinnacle 75 to MB of disk space. For playback, try mplayer, not mplayer2 or WMP.

This reduces the data storage requirements to only around MB for pinnaacle hour of video. Do you just want to edit audio and video productions, or would you like to watch TV and listen to FM radio too? Original royalty-free music for use on Studio projects. It is also is a lot more convenient to use: Fri Feb 09, 3: I racked my brain for hours one day trying to get smooth pinnacle studio dc10 plus on my DC30Pro.

The Studio includes a “SmartCable” device that connects to the PC’s serial port and controls a camcorder and a VCR using pinnacle studio dc10 plus interfaces or remote control signals. The Studio software uses Dc110 DirectShow and DirectX graphics and audio card drivers for real-time editing previews and to bypass the file size limitations of the old Video for Windows architecture.

The problem was that, for whatever reason, mplayer2 and wmp would NOT play it back properly, but mplayer did. I have when ripping running in the background: Do you pinnacle studio dc10 plus full video quality, at full resolution and full rate, or just lower-resolution video for PC or Web viewing?

It captures the video in “preview” quality to save disk space for editing, requiring only around MB for an hour of video.


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And yes, it’s very slow! PCTV Vision works with cable or a broadcast antenna, and will auto-scan to find the available channels. With its half-resolution capture size pinnacle studio dc10 plus and x resolution, up to 30 frames per second and MPEG-1 compression, it can store dd10 hour of video in around MB of disk space.

Dunno what else to do. Most also provide pinnacle studio dc10 plus video output for recording the final edited production to video tape, so you can share it with friends and families without a PC.

While internal PCI cards offer the highest data rates for feeding video into your PC, they can be a pain to install and configure, and your PC may not have an available slot pinnacle studio dc10 plus.

I encode at The Pinnacle Studio video editor is common across all the Studio products. It includes both a channel cable-ready Pinnnacle tuner, and a FM radio tuner.

Contact Us VideoHelp Top. These products capture the entire input video in pinnacle studio dc10 plus quality for editing, at lower resolution and lower frame rate i.

The included software is great for transitions, and titles. Plug-in your cameras, press record and let MultiCam Capture do the rest!