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The main core of the Company’s business activities relates to Potable Water, Waste Water and Environmental Sciences to include:-

Short term flow surveys in sewerage and surface water systems
using enhanced capability flow monitors.
Saline and groundwater infiltration surveys.
Combined sewer overflow (CSO) monitoring.
Rainfall Monitoring.
Water quality monitoring and on-site analysis.
Assessment of sewage input loadings utilising flow
measurement and sample monitoring programmes (flow and load
Co-ordination management and operation of chemical and
microbiological sampling programmes.
Environmental impact assessments.
Process commissioning.
Rainfall Distribution Surveys.
Manhole Surveys.
Pumping Station Surveys.
Temperature Controlled Sample Courier Service.
Rapid Microbial Impedance Water Analysis Service in Partnership
with the National Laboratory Service
Use of Specific Blends of Environmentally Friendly Micro-organisms
to enable Bioremediation and Bioaugmentation of Wastewater
Treatment Processes

Special Projects

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