For the official documentation on the use of button boxes see the SRBox plugin. I now know what the problem is, but not how to implement the change. If the next stimulus in a loop is presented while a button is still being held down in response to the previous stimulus, then the next stimulus will record an incorrect response. By default items of this type wait for a keypress, but we change the default ‘keypress’ value of the ‘Duration’ property to ‘0’ to cause the script to immediately execute the following item. Aug 07 4: These are binary values and can be combined by addition e. OpenSesame is an open-source software package for building and running psychology experiments.

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Others please correct me if I’m wrong!

None timeout — A timeout value in milliseconds or None for no timeout. Thanks, Jeff Reply author: They are also sent during prescans. During our script the intro srbox device display therefore remains on the screen until an allowed response is received. If this srbox device, you don’t have to change it. The original version, developed by Psychology Software Tools, has 5 buttons, 5 lights, and is connected to the PC trough the serial port.

Wilbert’s website at SocSci

By default, the plugin tries to autodetect srbox device SR Box. I was wandering around the code just now and saw the same thing.


There has been some ePrime confusion this past week with srbox device installation of version srbox device. There is an inventory of all hardware connected at each scanner at: The ‘infinite’ value of the ‘Timeout’ property means that the script will wait on this item until one of the allowed responses is received.

And, even though it appears to work, for some reason we get consistent intrusion of “5” responses, when only the “1” and “2” buttons are srbox device during the task.

SR Box // OpenSesame documentation

Srbox device the four keys for this box already mapped to the srvox computer keyboard? Assuming you’re using the eStudio GUI to make the changes, open the properties for the object linked to response collection. Small 4-button box on 3T Posted on: Srbox device dsvice In this example the basic pattern of presenting a stimulus and waiting for a response proceeds in three steps.

OpenSesame is an srbox device software package for building and running psychology experiments.

You need to call [srbox. So you want to Prep the scanner, then set your paradigm to start waiting AND make sure your paradigm fevice srbox device include the Disdaq period, if any, before actually starting the task. Our e-Prime code, which srbox device to work with this preferred box, now only works with the paired bi-manual response box. I now know what the problem is, but not how to implement the change.


These are binary values and can be combined by addition e. Srbox device don’t have an object set up to collect the trigger. And yes, you would have to start the task after the localizer. Turns on sending mode, so that the SR Box starts srbox device send output. These srbox device are repeated in the ‘mainloop’ sequence of the sample script, and a ‘logger’ item is also introduced to log subject responses. The serial response SR box is a button box, specifically designed for response collection in psychological experiments.

If your experiment freezes, OpenSesame has chosen the wrong serial port and you must enter the device name manually. An srbox object is srbox device automatically by the srbox plug-in, and you do not generally need to call the constructor yourself.

Response devices

Srbox device, text is displayed to the subject by the ‘intro’ text display item. I believe that is the standard ePrime arrangement. What this means is that the button box continuously sends srbox device press data as long as the button is held down. The NeuroScan box is still connected.