Oh yeah, the build quality on US is awfull, it looks like a toy, the pots are cheap as hell, like they are made out of paper This is a garbage in garbage out item. But overall, I have reasonable expectations for a unit at this price, and the meets them just about as well or better than any other USB interface I’ve tried in the price range Construction The nobs and phantom power switch feel like they are barely holding together. It is not reliable. It does a great job. Amateur Recording Home Studio.

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In theory this is a great product for a good price.


tascam us 122 mkii There have been multiple times where I, as a producer, have had to switch sessions or make changes on the fly to sessions and was able to do so because of the Tascam USmkII. Amateur Recording Home Studio.

Poor Sound Quality Unreliable. The device is also USB 2.

Thanks for your time! For a little more money I know you tawcam get a better interface, but tascam us 122 mkii people like me cannot afford that. In practice there is a very bad issue when recording.

I have been using garageband for 7 years and used to use a USB snake cable to record vox,guitar etc.

Mixcraft is easy to use with tascam us 122 mkii interface. Tascam us 122 mkii, if you purchase the Tascam USMkIIyou will have everything you need to start recording straight out the box!


Construction The nobs and phantom power switch feel like they are barely holding together. Bottom Line No, I would not recommend this to a friend. Posted on November 17, by Joe Stachowiak There have been 0 comments. Do not get this interface if you have a choice between it and a more modern unit!

Tascam USMKII – USB Computer Audio Interface USMKII

Compact Easy To Use Lightweight. Your vox recordings will sound hascam tascam us 122 mkii “alright” but will sound perhaps a bit processed and quite amateur, the pre’s tascam us 122 mkii not clean enough to allow for the stacking of vocals which is common in what I’m doing hip-hop. Also, this interface was optimized to run hand in hand with cubase, so it will still run well with somthing else, just not as well as it will with cubase.

Review Snapshot by PowerReviews. Get a unit that’s up-to-date instead. Accessories For Concert Percussion. Review this product Get tasfam facts. I hooked my old M-Audio Delta fascam that i almost forgot about.

I use this to record guitars and vocals into cubase le5, and it does what its supposed to and it sounds decent.

Without knowing other peoples experiences with other interfaces in the price range I cannot really determine how it stands in comparison to other models.

If you change tascam us 122 mkii Ship-To country, some or all of the items in your cart may not ship to the mkio destination.


It has been a great entry level item that gives a good variety of configuration. I tascam us 122 mkii it might be my PC’s hardware. In the past, I was unable to hear myself when recording vocals because the US was very limited in this aspect.


If you wanted to record 2 guitar signals, it is still possible with the Tascam USMkIIbut will just have to be done in two separate recordings. Moving onto the appearance. The headphone monitor tascam us 122 mkii and dial has been my best friend as I have been working with headphones for the past year and it makes adjusting volume super easy.

So far in general from my experience the pre’s have been very usable and a great way to tascam us 122 mkii and learn the ways of audio and has a phantom power switch for condensor mics. It was cheap and allowed me to get the job done. So, when they discontinue the product they just stop updating the drivers, therefore disrespecting the people that actually ua them money Music Education Js Children.

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