I’m still waiting to hit the r9’s they haven’t arrived here yet. I have some decent theories as to why, but I need to dig through a larger data set to see if I can find any supporting evidence. This looks like a rehash of mark crossfield comparing the m1 to the sldr s…however, in that instance, the sldr s not 9nky held its own, but bettered the m1 in real world scenarios. Stephen Hawking was a damn good chess player. Cons Could be considered more expensive than the older R7 series. COR keeps distances in check for many reasons and one is for the enjoyment of the game. Just finding what works for you and you are comfortable with is more important than dropping huge coin on all the newest equipment in the market.

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Were the tests done with standard length shafts? But, still ballooning quite often, and even backed up taglormade few on the fairway. We can take out clubs with us when we go for a weekend away and play a round of golf together.

Crunched all numbers and stuff that I had no idea what the hell he was talking about.

Taylormade R7 vs R9 | TexAgs

If anything, the R felt more solid with a better more piercing ball flight. To me, the first RBZ driver was easiest to control. John Schwerdt 2 years ago. Toe knee 2 years ago. It was a no brainer.


TM R7 irons or TM R9 irons

Can you tell me how they changed when you reshafted with KBS tour vs. Only care about what the club is capable of, so eliminate the player variable.

What this means in real world terms is that the distance on your shots is not adversely affected by mishits or off center hits. Taylorjade contemporary of the R11, the AP1 is the fourth generation of a series launched way back in Now back to why your logic is interesting.

This thread is days old. I would rather spend my money on a forged set with a really good shaft Mizuno, Bridgestone, Srixon.

I use a Adams Redline Q for Quad that gets the ball out there pretty far. My miss hits were less punished than my R7 were. Made me laugh when I read about the Cleveland Launcher comment! There is a good correlation between distance and handicap. Randall Fisher 2 years ago. A club with that much damage is unfixable. Several variants within the R7 series offer the chance to replace the harder to hit long irons with the friendlier hybrids. Worth my money to get the R9, or just buy a 9.

Now if you correlate that to your putting average, you are in fact probably costing yourself 2 possibly 3 shots a round by leaving yrds in the bag.

Recent Drivers  TTP-246M PLUS DRIVER

So one could argue you could gain even more than 14 yards of distance with the m1 over the Superquad it may be argued there other way around too but from a starting point it would need to first make up the 14 yards before you can think about beating v.

What tayylormade it do, if anything? As head speeds drop, we start trying increase launch and with that, you get an increase in spin.

Nathan Hays I was really hoping the r7 walloped it. The R15 was taylomrade longest of all including the R7 by about 15 yards.

All times are GMT Short game far more important! For example, they have taken the pear-shaped driver and morphed it into taylofmade geometrical tinker toy that looks both modern and cs at the same time. I don’t believe there is any significant difference in forgiveness. Yardages were almost identical, within 2 or 3 metres when I saw that, I knew I was hanging on to my R7.

Key to Mond’s progression may be his legs. Ideal for mid handicappers with scores between 10 and