Data loss and system integrity are non-issues, this is an experimental rig so fool’s errands are welcome. I have a problem with my SATA drive right now. If that fails, swap and try to install with only the other one. Click update drivers and choose display a list of known drivers for this device. ACPI errors every time I log on.

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Windows XP ACPI woes – TR Forums

Try the memory on another computer. This list is shown in Table A. Sign up using Email windws Password. I’m sure it would becuse it’s overwriting system files.

I will try it when I can and post my results. This wasn’t a yes or no question.

XP pro install fails on new system – ACPI error

A t tachments 0 Page History. Capitlization and periods are hard for you, aren’t they? I’ll provide some technical background on the windows xp acpi, and then I’ll look at a few remedies.

Tue Dec 11, However, it is NOT impossible and so I’m holding out hope I’m mistaken, and certainly not voting to close. Apparantly, putting the memory just “anywhere” causes problems. Might do a scandisk, and perhaps download a HDD windows xp acpi from your HDD manufacturer and run it with the thorough options to check it out in detail.


Changing the mode with an OS installed WILL cause problems with your existing installation sometimes causing an endless string of BSODs requiring a complete reinstallation, make sure you have everything important backed up.

If you require drivers for motherboards after the series they may be available from http: Ban The User Above You Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

Yes F7 then F6 windows xp acpi the article says. It was an Intel chip and for some reason the defective Windows xp acpi Drive made the installations errors that referred to problems with HyperThreading.

Correct an ACPI error in Event Viewer on Windows XP machines

So “Standard PC” is the one I want? Tue Dec 11, 7: If you absolutely must have Windows XP as Concupiscence already pointed out use an updated install disc. No, but co-workers have. How Windows xp acpi reinvented itself for the 21st century by wooing entrepreneurs to Paris. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Unfortunately the system is still at the Installing Software screen after accpi three hours.

I have two different copies from two iso images and they both do the same thing. Windows xp acpi problem may not be specific to the motherboard anyways. We deliver the top business tech news stories acpl the companies, the windows xp acpi, and the products revolutionizing the planet.


For the purposes of this question assume I have a valid reason.

Note that the newest available drivers are not automatically the best drivers for a system. Installing windows XP on newer Intel machines as of is no longer practical, or even possible. In this last situation, the machine may remain unstable. Then you can adjust it back once it’s installed. This is my first XP install so I’m hoping windows xp acpi 39 minute estimate for the completion of the install can be very windows xp acpi.

ACPI has its uses on all systems, but it’s particularly beneficial on laptops, where power management can be crucial.