In the Digital Notes Manager dialog accessed through the ChronoViz File menu , new templates can be defined by clicking on the New Template… button at the bottom of the window. When the list of note sessions appears, you need to specify a project for each session. Prints the template using Livescribe dot pattern. This representation appears automatically when you import notes into your ChronoViz document, and you can access it later by selecting Show Notes from the View menu. Clicking on one of the notes on the timeline will drive the ChronoViz session back at the point when the particular note was taken.

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Most items offered for sale are used and may contain defects not immediately detectable. You should define different digital pen projects for different kind of observations or different research efforts, and anoto digital pen dp-201 digital paper notes pertaining to same research within a common project.

Re-printing on Different Dot Pattern Keep anoto digital pen dp-201 mind that templates and notes can be re-printed with different pattern. All other trademarks are the property of their cigital owners. A template may be anything from the lines of a notebook page to a special form for recording observations in the field.

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Project Folder Location When you set anoto digital pen dp-201 the digital pen components, ChronoViz will ask you digial specify a location to store the projects. Sustituya el cartucho usado por uno nuevo. Find the corresponding point anoto digital pen dp-201 the notes, then right-click or control-click on that point and select Align to Playhead.

Configure which note sets are displayed see below for further description. The pen vibrates once when reset.


Anoto Digital Pen DP 201 – Black

If you would like to use Dropbox and don’t yet have it installed, please install before proceeding with the setup. Use the pen to tap on any anoto digital pen dp-201 notes, and ChronoViz will jump to the corresponding point in the data. Charging the digital pen battery The digital pen is charged by docking it in anoto digital pen dp-201 docking cradle that is connected to a USB port on a running PC.

After installation, you will find all digital pen data functions described above grouped at the end of ChronoViz’s File menu.

Anoto bluetooth ppen can be used to interact in real-time with ChronoViz to control playback of the ChronoViz data, to navigate existing notes and to add supplementary notes on top of existing ones.

Setup The first thing that needs to be set up are the components on your computer to transfer and store the data that comes from the digital pens.

This system makes use of Anoto digital pen and paper technology. Zoom anoto digital pen dp-201 or out of the notes. When the connection window closes, the connection has been formed. Master reset You can reset the digital pen to the factory settings. Anoto digital pen dp-201 left the right, the buttons are: Interacting with ChronoViz via Bluetooth Basic use digiyal the Anoto Bluetooth pen and printed paper is the same as with the on-screen version of the notes.

This will cause the playhead in ChronoViz to jump to the time when that note was recorded. The liability of the seller shall not exceed the actual purchase price of the property.

ChronoViz Quick Start Guide

This representation appears automatically when you import notes into your ChronoViz document, and you can access it later by selecting Show Notes from the View menu. Digitsl Note Sets button brings up a list of notes anoto digital pen dp-201 that have been loaded into ChronoViz. Sobre la pluma digital La Pluma digital DP captura el trazo de su pluma mientras usted escribe o dibuja sobre un papel.


Select Transfer Livescribe Data… from the File menu. Navigate down to Main Menudown xnoto Anoto digital pen dp-201then right to the list of applications. Connecting to ChronoViz Before you connect the pen to ChronoViz, make sure that digutal are using a pen that has been paired with your computer. The digital pen and paper integration in ChronoViz is the result of a collaboration between Adam Fouse and Nadir Weibeland part of our ongoing research in anoto digital pen dp-201 advanced digital tools to support obervational research.

Anoto Digital Pen DP – Black | eBay

All data and everything you have written or drawn will be deleted from the pen memory. Rotate the current page 90 degrees counter-clockwise or clockwise. We recommend using Dropbox to store the projects, because this will digitap you to share the projects among your research team, and will provide automatic backups.

The interactive notes can be used for navigation of the data simply by clicking on any note that you can see on-screen.