Not a problem for me as I had an extension lead lying around but worth considering if you have a decent pair of headphones that you want to connect up. The size is quite small, around 2. The notorious Black Gate might take up to hours before it would sound at its perfect performance. From my short time analysis, these capacitors most likely used for signal coupling. Also somewhat uncomfortably small is the recess for the headphone and line jacks. Post 8 of

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Do you already have an account? The top of the U1 is a volume control knob that has a blue and red LEDs that glow in a strobe pattern during normal and muted volume settings. The Xonar U1 is a headphone amp and external soundcard rolled into one neat package — ideal for both desktop and laptop use.

In terms of sound quality, it won’t worry the higher end cards from Creative or Auzentech, but for the price it’s not trying asuw. Also somewhat uncomfortably small is the recess for the headphone and line jacks. This isn’t the asus xonar u1 with the U1, which features asus xonar u1 two outputs for headphones and a microphone.

Asus Xonar U1 – My thoughts | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

Hi Dan, Good to hear that! May I ask if your mod would fix that? I then came across a device that looked to solve both dilemmas. The Asus Xonar U1. I read asus xonar u1 some reviews that this usb sound card has a bit of hissing noise when listened asus xonar u1 an IEM. Now as main filter caps.

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One is a “student” after all. So I decide to do it on my short spare time.

The vocal was very sweet, delicate, and detail. April 24, at I remember an expensive griffen one but looking for a cheaper solution. I only major problem i find with the U1 is the sonar port is slightly inside the case so many plugs won’t fit in it. All of these asus xonar u1 rely on altering the phase of the audio signal, which interferes with the precision asus xonar u1 clarity of the stereo mix and tends to add phasing artefacts.

February 5, at U11 bottom side picture of the PCB.

Yes, my password is: Asus Xonar Asus xonar u1 — My thoughts. Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi. There are a variety of options in terms of different DSP asus xonar u1 along with HiFi mode which turns off all sound processingsound equaliser plus different listening environment stages too.

I made the mistake of upgrading from a Creative XtreamMusic to xonwr Fality Pro and it was a slap in the face as it was even worse than the previous card.

Xonar U1 | ASUS

So consider this mod y1 only for fun, huh… If you asus xonar u1 extra capacitors on your shelf, extra time, and extra skill to de-solder those small capacitors inside. So for emergency usage, I digged my shelf again, and found small cartoon. Overall I asus xonar u1 understand that for many internal soundcards will always be preferred. The fact that the unit also packs in quite a decent headphone amplifier for the price is another major brownie point.

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Asus Xonar U1 – My thoughts

Apr 6, at I just used a extension cable to fix this problem. I am wondering if you have tried using an additional amp with the Xonar U1 output before feeding it into your headphones. Positives -Good value for money considering you get a decent headphone asus xonar u1 and soundcard in one package -Good quality sound for the price and substantial improvement over onboard audio -The headphone amplifier transformed my enjoyment of the Asuss HD s -The external volume control is a godsend for headphone use -Nice weighty feel to unit -Very asus xonar u1 if using with laptop Negatives -Software could have more customisation settings i.

Creative missed their mark years ago. Too big to be true? Post 7 of