Carefully inspect the capacitors on the motherboard after you purchase it. Does it look and sound as it it’s behaving normally at boot otherwise – just with no display output? It’s expensive, but far more versatile than small form-factor machines and worth the cash. Didn’t have the time to go through everything with these little guys to find out what is causing all of it. Most cards take up 2 slots, because of the cooler height.

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If they are detached, the computer can either, throw an error on boot but dell optiplex 980 video boot, throw an error that can be disabled in bios and work fine, or not boot at all.

A little old, but I doubt it will be a significant issue. It is only a good idea for a SFF case where nothing else really fits. I second replacing the psu, however don’t feel like you need a w.

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Dell Optiplex 980 review

I put a Gigabyte low profile ti in my small form factor Optiplex and everything works fine. All Dell optiplex 980 video From novice to tech pro — start learning today. Pber Solutions Architect Commented: Here’s a pic of one I pulled off the pile of them I have: They started up fine but dell optiplex 980 video after trying a 2nd or 3rd they beeped one, three, two i believe it was So long as it’s the mini tower it should be fine, you might have clearance issues with the smaller form factor versions.


GPU length is the key factor optiplec.

Many public universities use sites dell optiplex 980 video govdeals. If the Optiplex is a mini tower, a full size card should fit, if it’s a smaller one, a low profile MSI one should fit. Did you try vidro re-seat the Graphic Card?

That’s for the older optiplexviddo, etc. It’s better than the i, but not really by much so it’s no big deal. Just a quick dell optiplex 980 video from experience with these things. Here’s a he did. But better deals can be found for sure if you are patient and check office, university, and government auctions. It however has smaller opgiplex that need to spin faster, making louder noises usually.

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I need a LOW PROFILE Nvidia Video Card For Dell | Adobe Community

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Optiplex’ have a few weird things in the case that other PC’s do not. You should be fine if it dell optiplex 980 video slim tower and can find a ti LP card, not a mini!


Dell OptiPlex 980 Video Cards

If that’s not what you’re looking for, just Google “Dell optiplex xXxX power supply adaptor cable” and one for your model should pop up. It’s expensive, but far more versatile than small form-factor machines and worth the cash.

If no one objects, this question will be closed automatically the way described rell. Brought it home and just got to plugging it in to reinstall dell optiplex 980 video new copy of windows and no video will show. For now, I think I have a confirmation. As dell optiplex 980 video as i plug the power cord into it, it turns on before i can even hit the power button though which i have seen other pcs in the past do.

I’d look into getting an x90 series Optiplex instead, as they have 2nd gen Core series CPUs which actually make for a pretty significant difference.