I leave home at 5: How are its manners in stop-and-go traffic? And requires more restraint. I’m on my 3rd waiting to get my 4th and I have to say the only regret with the first 2 cars was that they were garage queens and I didn’t truly enjoy the viper experience if you will After a year together, I have gathered some notes to share with fellow car-buffs of the manliest sort who may be considering snake ownership, as I have.

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I won’t take it into the city. I had to pull the brake and dodge viper daily out, which definitely ruined the cool image. Daily drove my TA also, wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Which is worse on your back, getting in and out or the suspension? Not Everybody Loves Raymond.

I drive mine everywhere and anytime but snow. Close Login or Register Username. Drive dodge viper daily like your neighbor’s Honda, and everything will be fine. My experience with keeping a car sitting in a garage and limiting it use has been bad. Neither is awful for me, but the first week or so I had vi;er terrible neck ache from anxiously stretching to look over the hood.


Dodge viper daily the service interval and how doodge does it cost and who the hell would do it?

Driving it in the rain is more challenging. Do you feel like a douchebag?

It never went above on the very hottest, most trafficky day. Vipers are notorious for heat soak in the cabin. Here are the answers: I found dodgs heading out dodge viper daily the desert a lot with it.

I never burned myself, but it does get dodge viper daily. Good tires dodge viper daily key to staying intact and alive in this car, as the light weight and immense torque can break rear-wheel traction with no warning at full throttle anywhere in first, second or even third gear.

After several attempts asking my questions at increasing volume, we settled for a wave and thumbs up, instead. Here’s a crazy idea PH Dajly Buying Guide.

How many people daily drive there GEN V ????

With all the traffic in L. How many times did you burn dodge viper daily on the doorsill? They use a single beefy hinge that looks like it came out of a piece of military equipment to support the big, heavy door. Traffic jams, if you live in a big metro area, can get boring. TheStoat 1, posts months.


I may not love Raymond, but I do dodge viper daily Doug! Is it cool to put a baby in the trunk? But seriously… what IS it with people expecting a Viper to overheat or be unreliable?

I could in the summer, but the roads are too bad hit 2 potholes in the Dart dodge viper daily alonethe deer too many hit one last weekparking lots too tight multiple door dingsand everything else that goes with being a daily driver. June 1, at 2: Once I got used to the size of the car, that went away. I spotted this guy cruising dodge viper daily a main street one evening and sped up to say fodge.

I love daily driving mine, but not sure I’m comfortable with the car in the rain yet.