The final headline feature has got to be the adjustable weights, which seems to be the ‘in thing’ at the moment, but we will have to see how well they perform in later testing. The scroll wheel is no ordinary scroll wheel though; it can also scroll left and right, providing you install the bundled driver. Sharkoon FireGlider Last but certainly not least: Overclock3D would like to thank Revoltec for todays review sample. This can take some time getting used to, but as we will come to later on it is an overall positive change. The only thing that bothered me is that it had a tendency of attracting dirt and this disrupted the mouse quite a lot.

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The included software allows for 8 of the 9 buttons to be custom programmed. TechBubbel Podcast — The on-board memory could prove extremely useful for gamers that regularly attend LAN parties, allowing them to save their customized keys on to the mouse rather than having to set them all up again on arrival.

The shape is ergonomic and fits quite well my hand. It’s a shame Revoltec didn’t perfect the carbon fibre look a little more, as it would have rounded off the aesthetics very nicely. They are located a bit to the left which moves them closer to the Gevoltec and right shift key.

It feels good at the first touch, despite the spaced out design. The six keys above have also been rearranged so that they come closer to the arrow keys. The Revoltec Fighmouse Pro isn’t outstanding at anything, but is good at pretty much everything.

This is not for decoration though but an indicator for what resolution the mouse pfo been set to. Each key can execute two different commands by switching mode with the help of the FN key so there are really 20 macro keys.


Revoltec Fightmouse Pro Carbon

The mouse was comfortable, had a nice weight, good tracking and reasonably pleasing aesthetics. They are light, but clear. This is to make it easier and above all faster to access these keys. Lastly, and probably the least important, is the very obvious straight translation in the manual, software and on Revoltec’s website. Gamepad Precision Basic is what you could call a pretty standard mouse pad, for better and for worse.

The mouse follows a fairly standard layout, with your normal left and right click, mouse buttons 4 and 5 on the left fibhtmouse side and a scroll wheel in the center. It makes understanding the manual quite tricky at times, which lead to some confusion during setting up the mouse and testing.

You simply pull the rear plastic cover backwards and a cavity reveals itself. It shows that Revoltec have put an extra bit of thought into the packaging, rather than just sticking it in a box.

The bottom of the mouse is made up from fightmuse plastic with blue diodes glowing through and there you can also see the sleds made out of Teflon. This can take some time getting used to, but as we will come to later on it is an overall positive change.

Revoltec FightBoard and FightMouse

On each side there are 5 macro keys. There’s also the cheap sounding click when pressing the various mouse buttons, which isn’t the worst we’ve ever heard, but they’re a long way from the best.

Simply enter your name and email address into the box below and be sure to click on the links in the confirmation emails that will arrive in your e-mail shortly after to complete the registration. To summarize the above paragraphs, Revoltec has launched a couple of very potent products that are about to tackle one of the most fastidious markets and if they will succeed or not remains to be seen, but I would certainly recommend them after using these three for so many hours.


Revoltec una vez mas ha demostrado que es capaz de fabricar perifericos de alto nivel, he aqui una muestra de ello con el Fight Mouse Pro.

Revoltec has a most effective quality assurance that ensures this high rveoltec. When I tested if the weights lay really still it turned out that I almost had a hard time removing them afterwards.

13 gaming mice reviewed

You can adjust this with fightmouuse press; the diodes on the bottom side will stop glowing, and then use the scroll to adjust the resolution. You simply use either button on the side for that function. First off there is the carbon fibre look, which is terribly unrealistic – I will eat my hat if it’s real carbon fibre. As with most products, appearance plays an important part in making a product truly desirable, with that in mind we took a close look at the FightMouse.

One more press and the mouse will be locked to the new resolution and the diodes will be lit again. Single means that you bind a single key or mouse button to a macro key. Looks like the cyba sniper Quote. Edit makes it possible to copy and move commands between macro keys.