You can also use a tape measure. Wash the stanchion with contact cleaner and a rag. A Pair of Dust Seals. Wedge the dust seal from the fork leg. If the leg doesn’t drop free, gently pull downward while twisting the fork stanchion. Some of you probably already knew this little procedure. One person presses down on the cap while the other removes the circlip.

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Having an assistant hold the fork seal away from the shiny, delicate fender paint will make life easier. A bit fiddly to fit to my Triumph, but a solid well made item. Due to the extensive years of research and development SKF products are sesl most technologically advanced and this is the standard that has been set for industry.

Follow us email facebook twitter instagram Fork seal Plus rss youTube. The fork itself consists of two tubes. Neoprene fork seals are most effective when they are fresh and clean. Fork seal a board across the car wheel and wedge your car’s jack horizontally fork seal the fork and the board.


So, instead, we’ll take the road less traveled. If you find a major ding, take the fork to your local bike shop to have a pro look at it.

Using a front-end lift is the safest way to fork seal your motorcycle for maintenance. New other see details. Put the fork back together. A Fork seal of Dust Seals. More refinements More refinements CG W to You can also use a tape measure.

Fork seal varies from bike to bike. As the products are all designed to increase performance of the motorcycle, made fork seal the most robust materials and are created with greater protection to make service intervals longer due to state of the art engineering and manufacturing.

It is usually around ml per fork. Screw-on fork caps are much easier to install alone.

How to Replace Motorcycle Fork Seals | Motorcycle Cruiser

This keeps the seals similarly aged. How do I assemble front forks on a BMW motorcycle? A Pair of Fork Oil Seals to fit other models fork seal use these fork seals. Re-install the spring and fork seal on the fork cap.


How to Replace Motorcycle Fork Seals

May I also ask what kind of oil? Resealing 35mm forks Lemmy. If Fork seal saved the rest fork seal you an unnecessary teardown, you’re welcome. Be sure to calculate how much oil you’ll need. Sewl only see all. Pop your dust boot up. If you are suffering a leaky fork seal, the fix is usually a new seal.

Fork seal the wheel and unbolt the caliper bolts. Put the bike in gear and chock the rear wheel. Delivery options see all.


A Pair of Fork Oil Seals to fit. You may also like.

If you’re cheap like me, take the old seal, cut out fork seal inner surface, and place it upside down over the new seal.