We hit a minor snag when we tried to get the Gigabyte running as we initially used memory slots one, three and five instead of two, four and six. The heat pipe system snakes across the motherboard and connects aluminium coolers on the Southbridge, Northbridge and six phases of the phase power system. The primary graphics slot has a full 16 lanes of PCIe 2. It was everything the vender said and more. As a result the system appeared to be dead until we did some detective work. X58 is by far the most expensive board on the market, mostly because it is at this point the only chipset capable of supporting the Core i7 processors.

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The manual provides a list of error codes, but upon initial installation of the board, I found it was hanging on an unlisted code, then cycling through several others which I inferred as a reset action. You can unsubscribe at any time. The primary graphics slot has a full 16 lanes of PCIe 2. Once that was sorted our processor zipped along at 3.

There’s just so much stuff that has to be installed into such a small space now, it would be hard NOT to have oversized components block open ports.

You gigabtte find products similar to this one gigabyte ex58 – ud4p sale below.

One gigabyte ex58 – ud4p I have albeit a minor one is not being able to gigabyte ex58 – ud4p find a listing of codes for the onboard digital hexidecimal display screen. Add a third graphics card and the bandwidth to the second slot is divided such that the second and third slots each get eight lanes of PCI Express.


The doubling of the amount of copper in boards such as the UD4P sounds impressive and the motherboard is certainly very stiff but it is impossible to judge whether that is thanks to the use of a 70 micron layer of copper instead of the usual 35 microns.

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Change up to the UD5 or Extreme gigabyte ex58 – ud4p and you get a more substantial cooling system but we are confident you will be happy with the system that is employed on the UD4P. Gigabyte puts an emphasis on the construction of its latest motherboards gigabyte ex58 – ud4p in respect of the Ultra Durable 3 components and also the doubling of the amount of copper that is used in the board.

Great mother board easy to use bios and easy overclocking features. Ultimately, Gigabyte makes incredible use of the space available.

Gigabyte Technology GA-EX58-UD4P, LGA 1366/Socket B, Intel Motherboard

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This puts the GA-EXUD4P square in the middle of the regular models in terms of price, yet the list of features looks very impressive. You can unsubscribe at any time. I feel like I have to comment that installing gigabyte ex58 – ud4p new “double-wide” graphics card will render gigabyte ex58 – ud4p other port unusable, but that’s more an issue of the form-factor than the board itself.


Similarly we can tell that that the UD4P is very cool in operation but that has been true of every Core i7 motherboard that we have seen gigabyte ex58 – ud4p date. I would highly recommend it!

Not a huge issue and I was finally able to troubleshoot by reinstalling components, but it would have been helpful.

There are two more PCI Express slots located above the graphics slots that offer x1 and x4 support as well as two PCI slots that are positioned between the graphics slots and which are likely to be blocked by the graphics cards.

Our initial efforts with the UD4P were uninspiring and we found it tricky to overclock our Gigabyte ex58 – ud4p i7 Extreme beyond 3. Most relevant reviews See all 7 reviews. Key Features Review Price: Your personal gigabyte ex58 – ud4p will not be shared with those companies – we send the ud4; and you can unsubscribe at any time. Safe voltage figures uc4p in yellow with higher settings in purple.

Gigabyte GA-EXUD4P Specs – CNET

I love this board gigabyte ex58 – ud4p much and I glad I bought it. GIGABYTE has certainly produced a few good X58 boards for the extreme users, but today we are looking at one gigabyte ex58 – ud4p for overclockers who want to keep a few extra dollars in their wallets.

By Leo Waldock February 5, I did notice the motherboard is fussy about the memory you install I checked the Gigabyte web site and am using Corsair, work well for me!