If the scanner is damaged from being dropped or other impact, turn off its power and unplug its power cord from the electrical socket. If you detect a surface flaw or a missing accessory, please promptly contact your sales representative or nearest Graphtec vendor. When resetting the scanner by turning it off then back on again, wait at least five seconds before turning it back on. In such cases, you should support the document with your hand when you insert it into the scanner, or try lowering the scanning speed, or both. If it is not grounded, there is a possibility that noise will cause incorrect operation, or that the scanned image may be distorted.

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Select a user-defined document size or standard size if the same problem occurs after a number of retries. The above illustrations are of the CS model. Replacement sheets can be purchased from your sales representative or nearest Graphtec vendor. The scanned data is displayed when scanning is complete.

If you use the carrier sheet when scanning color documents, the colors may shift slightly in some cases.

Scanners : Software & Drivers

Correct operation is not guaranteed when the scanner is connected to a USB port that is not the standard built-in computer port. Click [Search] to search for the destination server. STOP key Compulsorily stops scanning of the document. To deselect all selected areas, click the Clear button.

The precision figures pri were measured under the operating conditions described below. The sensors must be cleaned when necessary. Prohibited Do not install the scanner on an unstable surface.

Recent Drivers  HP LA2405WG DRIVER

Always lift the unit by holding the underside. Side cover Side cover Rubber feet Fixing plate Fixing plate Coin screw Coin screw Center bar Notch Fixing plate Groove 4 Secure the side stays in place by tightening up the four center bar fixing screws see 2 above.

Description of Safety Symbols The symbol indicates information that requires careful attention which includes warnings. Measure the length of the same vertical line in the image data using the command to measure the distance between two specified points of relative measurement, and classify it as y distance after the scan has taken place.

Graphtec IS200 Pro-LC Scanner

If the [Connect] button is displayed in gray, the scanner is being used with another computer. Repair work by inexperienced personnel is extremely dangerous. Top cover Side cover Take care to prevent your fingers from being caught in the gap between the top cover and the scanner unit when opening and closing the top cover.

Garphtec is not normally necessary to perform this adjustment.

Graphtec Is Pro LC 42 Inch Wide Large Format Document Scanner Isen-pro | eBay

Load the document after placing it inside the carrier sheet provided see Section 4. For Windows The following procedure assumes that you are using the CS as part of your system, and that you yraphtec using the USB interface. The carrier sheet provided should be used for curled documents see Section 4. If water or foreign matter enters the scanner, turn off its power and unplug its power cord from the is00 socket.


Plug the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet connector located on the right-hand side of the scanner unit. The calibration procedure will take some time.

In such cases, you should support the document with your hand when you insert it into the scanner, or try lowering the scanning grapbtec, or both. Conventions Used in This Manual To graphtev safe and accurate use of the Image Scanner as well as to prevent human injury and property damage, safety precautions provided in this manual are ranked into the three categories described below. I Conventions Used in This Manual The symbol indicates imperative action that must be performed.

Colors may differ slightly for individual sensors to make it easier to identify problem areas in calibration.

Click [Yes] to continue the installation. Accidentally switching off the scanner may grapbtec in damage that requires servicing. Flashes when the scanner is in power-saving mode. If document scanning produces unsatisfactory results unexpected white or black streaks in the data due to scratches on the transparent contact plate or other reasons, please perform the calibration procedure see Section 5.

Always hold the scanner by the underside.