A friend and I just put together the circuit hopefully exactly as it was depicted in your schematic. March at It seems one end of the primary is connected to the fets drain, is the other end connect to pin 4 of the chip? Hey there, I recently built this circuit but it does not oscillate fast enough. You can test for me.

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Flyback Transformer Drivers

The IC supplied by 12 VDC can not source much more than mA before the voltage drop on the output gets very flgback. I plug my earphone to high-power 555 flyback output and I can hear the audio clearly, but I can hear just a noise after the signal passes through the high-power 555 flyback gate resistor.

I have made the circuit, it is working fine.

This flyback driver is for you then! Help would high-power 555 flyback really appreciated. The output voltage depends on the oscillator frequency set it to variable kHz for output voltage fine-tuningnumber of primary turns and on the resonant capacity. All projects are for noncommercial use only. The voltage will rise up to the breakdown voltage of the mosfet, where it stops since the mosfet is avalanche rated high-power 555 flyback does no harm, and only produces heat in the mosfet.

Hi Christ If you use the uigh-power transformer to power a small SGTC, then the audio modulation will not get through and if it does, it will only be very short burst and nowhere near audio modulation quality.


How to Make a High Power Flyback Driver

Im getting a 5mm spark but no sound, it keeps sparking even when audio source is disconnected anyone tried this please let me know what. I have used two mosfets in parallel instead of one and used a potentiometer in uigh-power of high-power 555 flyback resistor going directly to the oscillator supply rail.

Log in or register to post comments. March 22, at June 13, at Like Spehro says, don’t even think about using a solderless breadboard.

You flyback transformer is perfect for the job, remember to turn screen and focus potentiometers on it high-power 555 flyback down. This blurry picture is all I have to suggests that the arcs are green. This was made quite a long time ago, I no longer have the original driver. I found out that you can high-power 555 flyback any multipurpose transistor and I could find it on my old TV high-power 555 flyback. So when I Plug the 40v supply to the mains and turns the on, it draws a lot of current.

Since making the video and schematic, I have played a bit with the timing resistors and capacitor high-powr the The only flybackk is, the sound quality is Really really bad.

What may cause the problem? Very bright arcs, very powerful flyback. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Efficient Flyback Driver High Volts circuit using IC555

Hi again, I have constructed fyback cicuit on my test board and it seems to work. When I have another try at this circuit I think I will use a separate supply for the and ditch the 47ohm flygack all together in order to give the gate more current, perhaps even use a push-pull buffer transistor stage.


High-power 555 flyback the control-voltage foyback is not used, it should be bypassed to ground, with a 10n capacitor to prevent noise entering the chip. Hey thanks so high-power 555 flyback for the info, I ordered about of each the chip and high-power 555 flyback Mofets for now. If you’re getting a drive signal out of the circuit, you are probably not connected to the correct primary.

If you use the mosfet driver, the output duty cycle is inverted. I am still getting little arc, but the current now is very low,now i am going to find the resonant frequency xD, thanks!! Is it important high-power 555 flyback I connect my flybwck in case of this NE quasi-resonant?

The voltage spike created by the leakage inductance of your transformer is breaking down your MOSFET each time it switches off.

Efficient flyback driver circuit using ic

high-power 555 flyback Does it get hot even when you disconnect the gate? Heya i am for the primary time here. Working with electricity is dangerous, all information found on my site is for educational purpose and I accept no responsibility for others fflyback using the information found on this site.