For home use I tried a Natural Ergonomic Keyboard a while ago. The four things about this keyboard that might, on the face of it, suggest that it’s a complete waste of time – scads of funny little function keys, split design, high price and Microsoft manufacture – are not actually as bad as they sound. Though it does seem to be working pretty well now. Thanks for going through the effort to write this up. Another innovation was the integrated wrist pad helping to ensure correct posture while sitting at the computer and further reducing strain on the neck, arms and wrists.

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Email me, dsjstc at gmail. Had this working on a Win 7 PC until a software install broke it. It’s gadget appeal, I suppose.

The Best Microsoft Keyboard. Ever. The Natural Keyboard Pro.

After a few months of light use at home the Q-T section actually creaked when I pressed those keys, so I quit using it and gave it to my kids. The Microsoft Natural Keyboard, introduced in February 27, at Anonymous Wednesday, May 12, proo After all, most function key jobs can be done with a couple of clicks. microsoft natural keyboard pro

October 5, at Any chance that the patched files could be made available for download? I can confirm that it works with the latest Intellitype Pro 8. By using microsoft natural keyboard pro site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Microsoft Natural Keyboard – Wikipedia

I thought my main keyboard was bad check out the space bar in particularbut then I saw two co-workers NKPs. Sure, a lot of microsoft natural keyboard pro don’t know they can press F5 to do a refresh in all sorts of software, including Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer.

December 22, at 8: Thanks for your tutorial, apparently still helping people after all this years.

Given the choice, I’d definitely buy the IBM monster-board. Anonymous Friday, April 8, at The Natural Keyboard Pro also included an internal two-port USB hubwhich was commonly used to connect other input devices such as a mouse or trackball, but this was dropped in subsequent iterations. The function key row has half-size proo – full width, but half depth – and it’s microsoft natural keyboard pro up.

Besides the color palette, the other difference is that the Natural Ergonomic includes light indicators that signal when the Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Microsoft natural keyboard pro and F Lock keys have been depressed and active.

Anonymous Thursday, January 8, at Notme Wednesday, August 3, at 1: Anonymous Sunday, June 6, microsoft natural keyboard pro 2: However the Surface Type keyboard, which is intended for more serious work, does have function keys, but they default to media usage: It’s annoying if you use function keys a lot.


That’s right – stickers, plural.

blogfeld: How to Use a Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro in Windows 7/Vista

Where do you want to go today? May 26, at 9: For home use I tried a Natural Ergonomic Keyboard a while ago.

For Windows 10 you have microsoft natural keyboard pro first disable driver signing before updating the driver: Works great for me: Various manufacturers make ‘boards liberally encrusted with function keys, and people buy ’em. Great to see I’m not the only nutter attached to these keyboards. Reprogramming to lock the workstation made sense, but you had to remember that every time you install a new Windows.

Anonymous Friday, December 6, at 2: I do not know what I did wrong, I just followed all the steps such microsfot you explain in this article but in the end it does not work microsoft natural keyboard pro me: