As an example, that same tester cut his Cobra S3 down from Side spin numbers were exceptional almost across the board. Clearly there are a lot of golfers here who know more than I do, but why do manufacturers continue to offer top quality heads with dime store shafts? Spoken like a salesman: THAT would also be a nice improvement….

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Loud impact sound; less-than-satisfying feel on mis-hits; some find the adjustable hosel to be too visually prominent for an otherwise sleek package. With the exception of last fall’s VR Limited Driver my gamer as of this writingNike drivers, despite consistently excellent performance numbers, have been absolutely brutalized by a testers on our subjective rating scale.

Nike Victory Red STR8-Fit Tour Driver |

My launch angle fluctuated between 12 and 15 degrees. I definitely have concerns about how well the light shaft would stand the test of time with my swing though 2 for 2 in testing so far is a fairly good rate syr8, but that only speaks to what we’ve been saying at MyGolfSpy from day 1.

Points are determined per shot using nke formula of distance minus nik. You get to try it when, where, and how you want for two weeks before deciding if you want to buy it or not. I pulled 3 drives too quick but other than that, I hit it really good! Testing was nike golf str8 fit vr s using 8. Decided to check out VRS. People have to find a happy medium between the impulse buy based on what made the GD Hotlist or even a vastly superior MGS review, and the nike golf str8 fit vr s and tortured algorithm that myself a few other obsessive MSGers go through to buy a club.


If you are lucky enough to get a price like I did give this club some serious consideration. The big advantage for consumers is that they can customize the loft and lie with 32 different positions. So ve, given my personal history with Nike drivers, I was anxious to see what the guys at the Oven had cit up for me this time around.

Bear 6 years ago.

The VRS was the straightest, and only the Cobra beat it on length barely. Some manufacturers will even list the torque of aftermarket shafts differently from the OEM.

Nike STR8-FIT Tool | eBay

Tell us what you think of the Nike Str8-Fit Tour in the comments area at the bottom of this page. Full details of our testing and scoring procedures can v found here. To my surprise, the nike golf str8 fit vr s clubs that stood out were the VRS and the Nike golf str8 fit vr s. FYI I tested at a swing speed, ball speed. That said, it would be foolish to look past some of the best distance scores, and THE best accuracy scores we’ve ever seen just because one guy had a sore elbow.

OK, sort of like some golfers announcing OMG, a game improvement iron. Though they are certainly muted, and only visible when light hits them a certain way, Nike decided to include some bizarre crown decoration. Just bustin your balls KFlare…lol. It doesn’t bother me, though some have mike me the don’t care for it at all. After a light warm up I hit what was left of a large bucket with five different drivers taking around 5 swings gplf each.


While I did have a single tester tell me he absolutely loved it, he’s admittedly the guy who loves nearly everything else. Besides, it is always fun to try and kill a few balls on a simulator!

This data serves as the foundation for our final performance score. There are no rips, tears, or significant stains. Maybe my results would have been better with a better shaft in the Nike. I’m not completely sure what they were getting at, but it has an almost tribal appearance; as nike golf str8 fit vr s the design would feel right at home on Mike Tyson’s face [still shaking my head].


More so than my old Ping G In most circumstances it’s usually in reference to an alignment aid. We couldn’t do this without them, but Phana24JG 6 years ago.

Cory 6 years ago.