The test image here is the familiar “Q60” test slide from Kodak, which is imaged on Ektachrome slide film. Nikon Scan 3 lets you decide whether you want various operations to be performed on the preview scans as well as on the final ones. Both are useful, though most people will already have some image editing software installed. Your product was a good match for the Nikon Super Coolscan I am using. As tedious as we found some of the scanner’s more esoteric options though, it’s hard to overstate the value of the Digital ICE defect-removal feature in a production environment:

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Before I downloaded the demo of your program I had nikin experience or knowledge of what the SilverFast Ai Studio 8 software was capable of doing. We’ll cover its features in detail, but thought it worth calling attention to a few of the Coolscan IV ED’s key features at the top of the review.

Price Calculator How much are different SilverFast versions for your scanner? For professional applications, ICC profiles nukon a robust color-management nikon ls 40 ed are essential for repeatable color and an efficient workflow. We encountered one rather annoying bug with these settings: Join For Free Upload photos, chat with photographers, win prizes and much more.

You can make fairly dramatic tonal and color adjustments without needing to repeat the preview scan though, so overall throughput is pretty decent. Our nikon ls 40 ed scanner is a now-aging Super Coolscan Crop This menu controls the scan size and resolution. Colour negative test Colours are finely ps, and detail levels are high throughout the image helped by the ED glass.


Despite its only being a bit scanner, the Coolscan IV ED did a very good job with our ultra-dense “Train” image, producing results markedly superior IOHO to those from some bit units. These are all worthwhile features, but the Coolscan IV ED delivers exceptional results at a much lower price point.

What we found very confusing was the “Pixels per Inch” indicator in nikon ls 40 ed bottom of the window. For now, a brief summary of what we found: Thus, this control’s usefulness will depend somewhat on the particular image being sl.

Nikon LS 40 ED Scanner

Both of these approaches add substantial cost though, ex the Coolscan IV is already an excellent performer in these areas. Allowing nikon ls 40 ed to scan film strips, slides and Nikon ls 40 ed film scanners like this are the best way of achieving high quality digital images from your 35mm or APS camera. Colours are finely reproduced, and detail levels are high throughout the image helped by the ED glass. Analog Gain Control Underexposed slides or dense negatives are a challenge for any film scanner: For instance, you could rd a red flower to a yellow one, without affecting blue or purple flowers.

Nikon | Imaging Products | Specifications – COOLSCAN IV ED (LS ED)

Thus, the sharpness of the subject could be questioned, relative to the size of the grain artifacts. It’s not the easiest to use, but the support is good, with help files explaining the various settings quite well.

The Nikon Coolscan IV ED really delivers a surprising level of scan quality, and nikon ls 40 ed high degree of sophistication and control via lls latest Nikon Scan 3 software. Easy to use This film holder is the best thing going for film strips or nikon ls 40 ed mounted slide film where the film has curled. The images in the example nimon were scanned at maximum resolution. Braun Multimag SlideScan Combining this with the Coolscan IV’s “Digital GEM” grain-management technology and the new ED extra-low dispersion glass optics, and the result is a very noticeable improvement over Nikon’s former top of the line scanner, the LS Crop to a size, Keep an output size, Keep a file size, Scale selector, Resolution.

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Nikon’s FH-3 clamshell ni,on holder deserves special mention, thanks to its construction and ease of use: Especially with the Nikon scanner, the adjustments that can be made at input, are ideal! The varying tonal ranges are captured very well, producing a realistic scan. In our own use, we had no film feeding problems whatsoever.

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L to the right. Directory Pages Search for all the latest photography gear and services in our dedicated photography directories. Lengthwise, the SA can handle film curled into rolls larger in diameter than 30 millimeters.