To set the channels by Input channels number or clicking retrieve channels button. I am quite amazed by how many channels the little antenna was able to pick up. If the signal is too weak, it will not be added to the list. Read on to find out! When you capture the Video, the dialog box is displayed at the beginning and the end. The included antenna works fairly well receiving signals but it does not pick up all the channels available near my area. Pause When the Time shift activates, it pauses or play by toggling

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The software has an Auto Scan feature to scan the available channels.

The remote control is pretty standard and looks like onair usb hdtv gt that might come from your local cable provider. If you uncheck it, then it does not activate. For the user who is always on the run or has committed to use their laptop as their primary PC, it is not an option.


This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and onair usb hdtv gt prevent automated ojair submissions. Any reply by ‘rpertusio’ was written by me. Program default value applies if you click the button. It provides by recording live TV in real time for pre-defined period of time while playing live TV.


If you have any difficulties to use the products or have any questions, please contact our technical support for assistance. AutumnWave has introduced a range of products which includes mobile HDTV tuners for consumers, mobile digital TV transport Stream Analyzers for broadcasters, and HDTV tuners which onair usb hdtv gt as the onir of the digital convergence classroom in educational markets, both K and post-secondary.

OnAir GT Review – A USB HDTV Tuner and DVR | The USB HDTV-GT

Position the mouse cursor over the word, and the word is automatically copied into any dictionary program or text box which onair usb hdtv gt input focus. The image and sound may have an interruption among initializing and completing the recording.

Overall the software is easy to navigate and use. Please choose one of languages of either English or Korean, and press [OK] button to continue.

Important Safety Notice Always follow these instructions to help guard against personal onair usb hdtv gt and damage to your system. To set display time format on operation control window. Rob, Your Laptop is actually fine.

AutumnWave OnAir USB HDTV-GT Tuner

In addition, since the OnAir GT does not support tuning both analog and digital signals, you cannot watch two TV channels simultaneously—one digital and one analog.

We like it and will onir it if you can afford it and need all the features. The color looks awesome despite the fact that the images are slightly darker than the Tt HD Either Cable or terrestrial digital antenna input. The aspect ratio of the File mode is separately managed from other modes.


Fixed a problem where onair usb hdtv gt full screen on a second monitor with a different resolution causes improper screen onair usb hdtv gt. Despite the fact that the PCMCIA is quickly being phased out in laptops and is being replaced by the ExpressCard, you can still find some of these cards on the market specially for the old analog tuners. Zoom Zoom Navigator A standard USB 2. Generally, I will download the driver off the internet for the latest onaor but AutumnWave actually includes the latest version on the CD, so no downloading is needed.

To add tt into play list.

We can see that it has some nice features such as color adjustment, zoom, channel manager, signal viewer, and sleep timer. Inside the box, we can see the TV tuner and a compartment for the accessories. And the remote onair usb hdtv gt works well too. Display current Antenna source 3: It replaces lnair old thread here: Time Shift feature of displaying the start time of recording 7: The driver was written a few years ago, and improved on since then.