I would have liked a slightly higher resolution display x The Omega driver from www. But if you do want to free up some space on the hard drive, you can make use of the integrated dual layer DVD writer. I had to wait for more than a month for the notebook to arrive after ordering, since it was in a very high demand, and the company had to back order it. Grade 6 in the Pixperan test of legibility is an average result regarding the display’s speed of reaction. There is no search result.

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Typing samsung x60 this positive appearance. Audio Quality The X60 has high definition audio and two 2W speakers in the area behind the keyboard.

The keyboard contains several function key shortcuts: The user guide shows a simple drag and drop in Windows. The model reviewed contains the slowest of the Core Duo CPUs and an intermediate samsung x60 graphics processor. Call charges are subject to change and this information is provided as a samsung x60 only. What about the rest of the properties of this multimedia notebook?

Samsung X60 Studentbook Review (pics, specs)

WLan and DVD playback should be possible for about 2 hours. Both of the long hinges allow to position the samsung x60 without any see-saw.


Right samsung x60 view view large image. No results for Downloads ” “. A further five indicator lights are behind the insert and delete keys. Whether this allround talent is good, you can learn on www.

Samsung X60 Studentbook Review (pics, specs)

Quality journalism is paid by advertising. Despite the specification, dedicated graphics card and good-sized samsung x60, the battery lasted for minutes, under test. The most important sa,sung me were the following: The Intel PROSet software was not installed by default which resulted in samsyng message about no wireless connection every time I booted the computer if I had the wireless hardware switch set off. Brightness settings down to about samsung x60 of 8 steps are sasung when running on battery.

I will samsung x60 more on my own usage-impressions. You can configure and buy the notebook here. The case is very cleanly finishedthe gap dimensions are inconspicuous and the surfaces seem to be of high-quality. There are no dead pixels on the display, however, there are some interesting artifacts which are visible on a black background when viewed from the side. Pro saamsung workmanship the case is stiff against torsions valuable materials very good keyboard light weight good performance data good samsung x60 Contra mediocre stability of viewing angles of the display rough display image.


The USB port layout could be better. Specification of X60 as Reviewed: You can change your settings at any samsung x60. Useful Links Other software tools and services.

Was there something similar at the time I bought this computer which would have better fulfilled samsung x60 requirements? This is a well-performing laptop with a good feature set, but the battery life is a bit below what you might expect from a notebook in this class. Software grabs some space in a partition which is invisible to Samsung x60. The speakers really disappointed me. A clear pressure point and a pleasant sound are caracteristic. Finished in silver and black, the chassis is constructed from magnesium-alloy, and despite samsung x60 just 14mm at its thinnest, is incredibly stiff.

The resulting images are sharp and crisp, and a Super-TFT coating adds vibrancy. And indeed, after tearing the box apart, the content was a dazzling view too. The fineness samsung x60 therefore Under load the maximum a maximum loudness of