Chances are that your video drivers won’t let you use 65Hz anyway. Reflections from the surface of the screen are as mirror-sharp as you’d expect, but the anti-reflective coating on the glass is unusually effective, and makes the reflection dim, and purple. This is a standard monitor manufacturer’s trick. Samsung describe the “DynaFlat” tube in the DF as being “infinitely flat”, which is a claim I’d like to see backed up by electromicrographs of the, presumably, indivisible subatomic infinite-frequency wavefront of which the tube must be made. This is because it has an unusually small dot pitch – the distance between one phosphor dot on the screen and its nearest neighbours of the same colour. It’s good for only by , maximum. Fewer reflection problems, less image distortion, right?

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But there are syncmaster 753df plenty of only-slightly-curved monitors out there these syncmaster 753df, which I think the sensible buyer really should consider. Web hosting kindly provided by SecureWebs. Shapes that don’t resist pressure well need even more glass, in order to be strong enough.

These sets of three syncmaster 753df are called “dot triads”. Some functions have sub-menus. Samsung’s SyncMaster DF has an excellent, flat-screen tube, impressive specs, and a very reasonable price.

Samsung SyncMaster 753DF

Funhouse mirrors Reflections in the ‘s screen are weird. Allows you to secure syncmaster 753df current control settings so that they cannot be inadvertently changed.

But the front of it actually has a curved back face. If you do need assistance, please call the phone number on the syncmastwr card, the phone syncmaster 753df on the back cover of this manual, or contact your dealer.


The DF is a flat screen monitor. Please enjoy your hernia. And, importantly, flat ain’t necessarily flat. The higher refractive index makes it split light more dramatically into a spectrum than syncmaster 753df glass can.

Shame about the flicker. Well, OK, maybe they’ve only been doing it for 20 syncmaster 753df, tops.

Then there’s another reflection, presumably from the phosphor layer on the other side of the glass. If any items are syncmaster 753df, contact your 753dff. The front glass has no curve vertically, and no curve horizontally.

On top syncmaster 753df the double-reflection effect, if you look at the DynaFlat screen practically edge-on, in the manner of someone gauging its flatness, there’s syncmaster 753df odd wash-out effect that’s reminiscent of the image distortion you get from an LCD panel when you view it well off-axis. The square on the hypotenuse, and all that.

The brighter the screen image is overall, the bigger the display gets. Display changes are indicated by on-screen adjustment icons.

Samsung SyncMaster DF – CRT monitor – 17″ Overview – CNET

It’s a really good screen, as long as you don’t want super-resolution or the absolute lowest price tag you can find. Front Panel, Direct Access Buttons Contrast and Brightness Direct Access Buttons Most of the adjustments you make to your monitor will be syncmaster 753df through the on-screen menu described in the next section.

That’s the surface reflection on the left. Comments to this Syncmaster 753df Your Name. Push and hold the Menu button syncmaster 753df 10 seconds or more syncmaster 753df Lock or to Unlock. Syncmaster 753df screen vertical edges. Half of the triads point up, and the other half point down. So if you load up a mostly-black test pattern and perfectly adjust your monitor so the outer border line hits the edge of the screen as immaculately as you can manage, and then go back to looking at a mostly-white word processor screen, you’ll discover that the image has expanded enough that syncmaster 753df of the close box in the top right corner of your program window has fallen off the edge of the viewable area.


Most affordable monitors have relatively simple surface treatments, which just try to cut down glare without eating too many of the photons trying to get out.

Since the three electron beams one each for red, green and blue phosphor dots all originate at the back of the tube, it’s easiest to keep them focussed if you curve the front glass so the syncmaster 753df from electron gun to screen remains more constant syncmaater the beam syncmaster 753df.

CRT glass syncmaster 753df to be quite thick, because monitors are great big vacuum tubes. Even then, different people have different preferences. The by mm maximum viewable area of the DF translates to by dot triads.