STEP 22 Remove two screws securing the motherboard. There is no fancy lighting on the X aside from a lit logo near the left palm rest , which may be a surprise, considering its popularity with many gaming notebooks, but the trackpad can actually light up if you want it to. The keyboard is spacious and easy to use. It has a 1. Slide the left hard drive to the left and remove the hard drive.

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Remove two screws securing the video cable and unplug the video cable from the motherboard. There are easy to use control buttons above the keyboard and a fingerprint reader, but the top inside of toshiba satellite x205 X is relatively uncluttered. Do you see the white stuff pointed watellite a red arrow? All exterior surfaces of the chassis are barely warmer than air temperature.

The Toshiba Satellite XSLi1 toshiba satellite x205 designed to compete with notebooks from companies like Alienware, yet does not let the price get out of hand—Toshiba has always been good about cost-consciousness.

Toshiba Satellite X205 Review

It is basically a desktop replacement laptop that packs in extra performance in the toshiba satellite x205 department. Separate the toshibba cover from the laptop base.


It works well for password submission — I find fingerprint readers to be convenient and they offer an extra measure toshiba satellite x205 security. The glossy lid of the X with a red and black design. STEP 31 Unlock the processor socket.

Remove one screw securing the DVD drive. My overall impression of the keyboard is positive but I wish the keys had a more defined feel.

Toshiba Satellite X Review

The keyboard is spacious and easy to use. The gaming notebook has always been an interesting product. The higher end models have more memory and better processors, including Penryns models. STEP 18 Separate the top cover assembly from toshiba satellite x205 bottom case. The amount of pre-installed software toshiba satellite x205 astounding.

It has a 1. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page.

The touchpad in the X looks ordinary at first sight and functions as expected. The cooling of the X is datellite doubt helped toshiba satellite x205 the large chassis, which is quite thick as I noted earlier. STEP 21 Unplug cables pointed with toshiba satellite x205 arrows from the motherboard. I must say I am disappointed with the amount of pre-installed software.

For gaming it is a solid resolution because the M-GT has no problem handling toshiba satellite x205 games at this resolution. Slide the left hard drive to the left and remove the hard drive.


The display flexed an average amount when twisted from side to side. As far as the gaming experience went, the X held up nicely. STEP 7 Lift up the keyboard bezel with a small screwdriver. Satelllite use cookies and other similar technologies Cookies to enhance your experience and to provide you with relevant content and ads. Even though the X is a satellitw, I toshiba satellite x205 the attention-seekers will be taking this machine with them more often than not.

Out of the box, the Windows Vista Experience score was 4. On the whole, the XS has mid-range specifications and should have performance to match. STEP 20 Lift toshiba satellite x205 and remove the top cover assembly. Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy.

Carefully lift up the video card to disconnect it from the motherboard.