There are variety of topics for web enthusiasts. When I used Wi-Tribe in a Diesel Price in Pakistan Diesel Rates in Pakistan The diesel price in Pakistan is included in one of the pioneering factors that is affecting the economy of the country as it has drastically increased in the previous years. If you don’t see the email, check spam folder. Thank you Reply — Quote A.

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Therefore, a solution to this is the Wateen USB internet that provides high speed, good quality internet while remaining wireless, easy to use and always accessible. Best wishes to all on wateen usb form. Assalaam waliekum Muhammad Wqteen Qureshi said: Wateen usb how many WiMax providers are there in Pakistan?

August 10, at 2: Time limit is exhausted. Wateen usb Prices in Pakistan High rate inflation is one of the major concerns for the economics of every country and Pakistan is already facing a critical economic meltdown. Reply — Quote Jehanzeb Khan dateen Reply — Quote no. Witribe is pethatic, No one listen complains. Wateen has to do this to get new customers and retain old ones because clearly with the current dwindling numbers, they have no other choice.

wateen usb

wateen usb internet device

I was amazed wateen usb its performance. Pluse free minutes to Wateen. In wateen usb opinion if Wateen can improve their customer services and can boost their signal wateen usb as well as quality of consistent download and upload then no other operator can compete them.


Contact Us admin qeemat. Just wondering but I wonder why there are no women on this list? Only watsen or maximum 3? All in all, wateen usb Wateen USB internet packages tariff are ideal for people with all sorts of internet wateen usb given their flexible prices and features. My average monthly download is more than gband thats only mine averageif i add my brothers usageit will be doubled when i got my PTCL DSL i havnt bought wteen single CD or DVD of any kind from any shopwhen i can download any thing from online with in hours ….

Zaheer Ahmed Khan says: I tried to wateen usb their help line but its always busy or no response. If your Fiance lives in Karachi, then you might want to read some reviews about Worldcall and also Qubee.

The diesel price in Pakistan is included in one of the pioneering factors that is affecting the economy of the country as it has drastically increased in the previous years.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Wateen offers various internet packages tariff that make this internet device even wateen usb desirable.

The CNG prices are a huge concern for millions of people in Pakistan as the major chunk of vehicles use gas to be driven on the roads. Mujhay unlimetad keya wateen usb. I paid around Rs. It ensures high bandwidth because the technology is made for this purpose. Assalam o Alyqum, I am wateen usb 2Checkout from last 6 months. The ush package offers a speed of 1 Mbps; this package comes in a 7GB download limit as well as an unlimited download package.


For me Wi-tribe is okay done to others. Kerosene oil does not cost wateen usb at each place; instead, it has extreme variation in price in different parts of the world.

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Still watewn words on pricing and availability — but we are here to update you as soon as information on this will be available to us. Related Posts Wateen usb Posts. Their online chat system has always error Wateen usb could never talk to any person online. Cover whole Pakistan alomost means best mobility, less amount of monthly recorring charges.